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Phoenicis is a tool to manage non-native (e.g. Windows) applications in Non-Windows environments (e.g. Linux/Mac OS). It is the successor of PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac 4.

Phoenicis aims at being the one stop shop platform for non-native applications. To achieve this goal, it focuses on two main principles:

Currently, Phoenicis comes in two flavors:

First, let’s look at some terminology:

Knowing PlayOnLinux 4, you might wonder why I said that Phoenicis is first and foremost a platform (and not e.g. a GUI). The heart of Phoenicis is a Java interface to the apps and engines which are written in JavaScript. Based on this, anyone can provide custom repositories and user interfaces. Want to provide a restricted set of Windows applications to a client using MAC OSX? Just collect the apps on a website or even on a DVD and you’re ready to go!

Of course Phoenicis also provides some UIs out of the box (see here):

And the Phoenicis repository here.